AFC Agro Biotech Ltd IPO Lottery Result Published. AFC Agro Biotech Limited IPO Lottery result will be published at Approximately on 10th January 2014 or may go 3nd week of January by AFC Agro Biotech Ltd. The draw of AFC Agro Biotech Limited will be held at Dhaka.

AFC Agro Biotech Ltd
AFC Agro Biotech Ltd

AFC Agro Biotech Ltd opening Public Offering Share (IPO) Subscription Period already has finished. Which was 8th December to 12th December 2013 and Subscription closing date for NRB 08 Dec 2013 to 21 Dec 2013.

AFC Agro Biotech Ltd endeavor to position Bangladesh as top of excellence for innovation and development in the bio-pharmaceutical and chemical supply. AFC Agro Biotech Limited has built-up a systematic team with rich experience in the fields of Chemical, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Biochemistry, Organic & Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. AFC Agro Biotech Ltd aspires to found itself as a leading manufacturer of agro based bio-pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals products.

”’এএফসি এ্যাগ্রো বায়োটেক লিমিটেডের প্রাথমিক গণপ্রস্তাবে (আইপিও) সর্বমোট ৬০ গুণ টাকা জমা পড়েছে। যাহার টাকার অংকে ১২ কোটি টাকার বিপরীতে জমা পড়েছে ৭১৯ কোটি ২ লাখ ৬০ হাজার টাকা। যা মোট জমা টাকার ৫৯.৯২ গুন”’।

“”এএফসি এগ্রো বায়েটেক লিমিটেডের আইপিও লটারি ড্র – রমনাস্থ ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং ইন্সটিউিট “”

AFC Agro Biotech Ltd IPO Lottery Result Download:

Bank / Branch Code

General Public

Non Resident Bangladeshi

Affected Small Investors

Mutual Fund

Distribution of Refund Warrant

AFC Agro Biotech Limited Authorized Capital (AC) : Tk. 1,000,000,000 , Pre- IPO paid-up Capital Tk. 380,000,000 , AFC Agro Biotech IPO size in shares 12,000,000 , AFC Agro Biotech IPO size in Tk. at face value Tk. 120,000,000 , AFC Agro Biotech Limited IPO size in Tk. at offer price Tk. 120,000,000 and Post IPO Paid-up Capital Tk. 500,000,000. AFC Agro Biotech Ltd Face Value per share is Tk. 10.00, Offer Price per share Tk. 10.00 and Market Lot (Shares) 500.