Aramit Cement IPO approved – Forms and Prospectus free download. The securities regulator approved the rights provider of Aramit Cement ltd the aramit group. ipo proposal to reinforce the corporate capital base. At weekday 502 meeting officers aforesaid, the securities regulator has punished the BDBL Tk one.0 million for the company’s participation behind the abnormal value of the CVO organic compound industrial plant.

Aramit Cement
Aramit Cement

The decisions came at a commission meeting control at the of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) workplace. in step with the BSEC approval, Aramit Cement can issue one rights share against one existing share at – Issue value of Tk 15, together with a premium of Tk 5/- for every share ten taka.

Aramit Cement Ltd. IPO Subscription Information:

Resident Form

NRB Form

Affected Form


The company will be raising a fund of Tk 254.1 million for paying off the company’s liabilities and term loans beside with serving alternative company connected functions. Currently interested somebody will simply generate initial offering kind by on-line.

Aramit Cement restricted is occupied in industrialized of Rice Bran Oil by process of Rice Bran that collects from native Rice mills. process of Rice Bran, De-oil Bran, Fatty Acid, Gum, Wax & Spent Earth square measure made as by-product.

Major Product of Aramit Cement restricted is with De-oil Bran, Rice Bran, Fatty Acid, Gum, Wax & Spent Earth. Aramit Cement restricted Issue Manager is Alliance monetary Services restricted. Aramit Cement initial offering restricted reassessment Reserve: 14.06. You’ll transfer Aramit Cement initial offering forms from

For capital purpose issue from Aramit Cement ipo can utilize Tk. 65,000,000, reimbursement of term Loan Tk. 120,000,000 for and to fulfill initial public offering price Tk. 15,000,000. Aramit Cement initial public offering planned Share: 20, 000,000, Face Value:  Tk. 10, Offered Value: Tk. 10, Market Lot: five hundred, EPS:  Tk. 2.85.