HSC Admission Result 2017 Rajshahi Education Board


HSC Admission Result 2017 Rajshahi Education Board. Rajshahi Board HSC Admission Result 2017 published for all colleges together. if you want to check your result !!! you should be check by download the pdf file.

HSC Admission Result Rajshahi Education Board H.S.C. 2017-18 College Wise Admission Merit List::…

HSC Admission Result 2017

Rajshahi Board HSC Admission Result 2017

  • Notice For H.S.C.’2017-18 College Admission Selection.
  • TeleTalk Supplied H.S.C.’2017-18 College Admission Selected & Waiting Candiate List.
  • Rajshahi College, Rajshahi (EIIN-126490)
Rajshahi Islamia College, Rajshahi (EIIN-126482)
Rajshahi University School & College, Rajshahi (EIIN-126773)
Rajshahi Varendra College, Rajshahi (EIIN-126488)

Rajshahi New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi (EIIN-127038)

Rajshahi Govt. City College, Rajshahi (EIIN-126489)

  • Rajshahi Govt. Women`s College, Rajshahi (EIIN-126487)
  • Chapai Nawabganj Govt. College, Chapai Nawabganj (EIIN-124593)
  • RohonPur Yousuf Ali College, Chapai Nawabganj (EIIN-124418)
  • Shah Neamatullah College, Chapai Nawabganj (EIIN-124592)
  • N.S. Govt. College, Natore (EIIN-124235)
Rani Bhabani Govt. College, Natore (EIIN-124237)
Datta Para Model College, Natore (EIIN-124238)
Qadirabad Cantonment Sapper College, Natore (EIIN-123887)
Digha Patia M.K. College, Natore (EIIN-124236)
B.C.S.S. College, Gurudaspur, Natore (EIIN-124028)
Abdulpur Govt. College, Lalpur, Natore (EIIN-124115)
Singra Damdama Pilot School & College, Natore (EIIN-124317)
  • Shahid Bul Bul Govt. College, Pabna (EIIN-125664)
  • SMonjur Kader Women`s College, Bera, Pabna (EIIN-125330)
  • Hazi Jamal Uddin College, Pabna (EIIN-125371)
  • Chatmohor College, Pabna (EIIN-125454)
  • Pabna Inlamia College, Pabna (EIIN-125660)
  • Pabna College, Pabna (EIIN-125661)
  • ShIshwardi Women`s. College, Pabna (EIIN-125553)

Pabna Govt. Women`s College, Pabna (EIIN-125665)

  • Ishurdi Govt. College, Pabna (EIIN-125552)
  • Dashuria College, Pabna (EIIN-125554)

    IsShahid Nurul Hossain College, Kashinathpur, Pabna (EIIN-125744)
  • Ataikula M.A. Khatun College, Pabna (EIIN-125745)
  • Govt. Shah Sultan College, Bogra (EIIN-119284)
  • Govt. M.R. Women`s College, Bogra (EIIN-119250)
  • Govt. A.H. College, Bogra (EIIN-119246)
  • Bogra Cantonment Public School & College, Bogra (EIIN-119251)
    Syed Ahmmed College, Sukhanpukur, Bogra (EIIN-119548)
  • Sariakandi College, Bogra (EIIN-119713)
  • Sherpur Town Club Public Library Mohila College, Bogra (EIIN-119807)
  • Sherpur College, Bogra (EIIN-119808)
  • Santahar Govt. College, Bogra (EIIN-119157)
  • Gabtali Govt. College, Bogra (EIIN-119546)
  • Mahasthan Mahiswar College, Bogra (EIIN-119908)
  • Joypurhat Govt. College, Joypurhat (EIIN-121897)
  • Joypurhat Govt. Women`s College, Joypurhat (EIIN-121895)
  • Akkelpur M.R. College, Joypurhat (EIIN-121801)
  • Joypurhat Govt. Shahid Zia College, Joypurhat (EIIN-121896)
  • Mohipur Govt. Hazi Muhsin College, Panch BiBi, Joypurhat (EIIN-122068)
  • Santahar Govt. College, Naogaon (EIIN-119157)

    Naogaon Govt. College, Naogaon (EIIN-123488)

Govt. B.M.C Women’s College, Naogaon (EIIN-123487)

  • Naogaon Astan Mollah College, Naogaon (EIIN-1234895)
  • Chowdhury Chand Md. Women`s College, Naogaon (EIIN-123827)
  • Jahangirpur Govt. College, Naogaon (EIIN-123407)
  • Badal Ghashhi Govt. College, Naogaon (EIIN-123138)
  • Nazipur Govt. College, Naogaon (EIIN-123645)
  • Niamatpur College, Naogaon (EIIN-123564)
  • Belkuchi Bahumukhe Women`s College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128025)
  • Belkuchi College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128028)
  • Khamar Gram College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128076)
    Hazi Korap Ali Memorial College, Jamtoil, Sirajganj(EIIN-128113)
  • Salanga College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128275)
  • Hazi Wahid Mariam College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128276)
  • Rajab Ali Memorial Science College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128454)
  • Tarash College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128544)
  • Belkuchi College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128028)

Shahzadpur Govt. College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128355)

Sirajganj Govt. College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128461)

Rashidazzoha Govt. Women`s College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128463)

Islamia Govt. College, Sirajganj (EIIN-128464)

Akbar Ali Govt. College, Ullahpara (EIIN-128676)

Ullapara Science College, Ullapara Sirajganj (EIIN-128674)

HSC Admission Result 2017 Rajshahi Board

HSC Admission Result 2017

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